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We work with top-notch agencies, freelancers, and dev shops to provide clients with apps that send awesome email.

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Mailclerk is a content management system for transactional emails

We automatically provide best practices for email, like segmented unsubscription management, and delight your clients with extra control and visibility for their app.

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How it works
  1. Easily install Mailclerk into your client’s application.
  2. Provide them with control over their transactional emails.
  3. Delegate copywriting and simplify email troubleshooting.

"Our client wanted control over the emails sent by the application we were building for them. Mailclerk was not only a big value-add for our client, but it gave us more time to focus on building the core features of the app."

Jamie, Ion Technologies

Reduce back-and-forth

Mailclerk’s SDKs make integration easy. Then, allow your clients or anyone on your team to handle copywriting.

Build with best practices

Mailclerk saves you from hours of rebuilding email-related code so you can focus on your clients’ unique needs.

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We’re here to provide support for both you and your clients. Join our community Slack channel and help us define the roadmap.