Mailclerk enables cross-functional collaboration for your most important emails

Mailclerk enables cross-functional collaboration for your most important emails

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For Developers

Get your email templates out of your codebase and automatically deploy best practices for email.

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For Business Leaders

Automate processes, reduce risk, improve regulatory compliance, and drive metrics.

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For Marketers & Designers

Improve copy, create a consistent voice, and add upsells in your most opened emails.

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For Product Managers

Gain better visibility into your application emails, iterate faster, and increase user engagement.

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Save developer time

Mailclerk is a CMS for your application emails. Improve user experience, cut operating costs, and ship faster.

Improve delivery

Land in more inboxes by seamlessly segmenting the emails you send across delivery services and domains.

Long-term data retention

Easily check back on all of the emails sent by your application for customer support and troubleshooting.

Design dynamic emails that drive results

Build all of the emails you need without writing code. Decide exactly when the email should be sent and the data to include.

Send business-critical emails
and any other emails
you’d like to send automatically!

Monitor and control delivery

We integrate with leading email delivery services and make it easy to swap them out if you run into issues.

Track engagement and boost performance

Gain better visibility into your user experience. See who interacted with which emails, understand which of your emails are effective, and iterate to improve them.

Improve deliverability, reduce cost, and drive metrics with better transactional email

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